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Java Productivity Primer

Last year, I joined a team in charge of creating and supporting a Java software factory for a large financial institution. The main architect of this development environment was Arnaud Heritier, one of the leaders of the Maven project. Together with other colleagues from OCTO Technology, he put up a very modern and interesting environment for helping both local and offshore Java development teams to become more productive. After a while, we got the opportunity to write about some of our best practices, and we produced a little white paper that is now available for download.

It’s a primer that provides a gentle introduction to state of the art productivity-enhancing practices in the Java enterprise world. In addition, I think development teams can also use it as an effective vector of communication oriented toward management to strengthen proposals related to modernization of development practices.

So, enjoy Java Productivity Primer: Twelve guidelines to boost your productivity with a software factory!

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