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Looking for a new job

I am starting to look for a new job. If you are reading this you probably know that I love working on innovative Cocoa-based stuff. Another field of interest for me is enterprise architecture: REST, SOA, JEE, ESB, etc. I am based in Paris, France, and you can get at my resume here. Interested?

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F-Script injection brings amazing capabilities: it lets you explore applications from the inside, interactively navigating and manipulating the internal Objective-C objects they are made of. And it is all done live, while the applications are running. For example, if you haven't seen it yet, here is how the Finder looks like from the inside and here is a fun video clip showing how you can reprogram an application on the fly.

Since the dawn of times, F-Script injection was provided by F-Script Anywhere. But as you may know, Snow Leopard broke it without mercy. Fortunately, an alternative F-Script injection mechanism has been made available. Still, it requires launching gdb and typing a command, which is boring.

Today, I'm glad to announce that all of this is now entirely automated, thanks to the injection service developed by Silvio H. Ferreira. It adds an automated F-Script injection procedure in the Services menu, meaning that injecting a whole F-Script environment in an application is now just two mouse clicks away: one to go to the Services menu, and one to select the "Inject F-Script into application" item. This brings back the zero configuration and ease of use spirit of good old F-Script Anywhere.

Picture: injecting F-Script into the Finder using the new injection service
The revenge of F-Script anywhere

Once injected (which can take a few seconds), F-Script will make itself available by adding an F-Script menu in the menu bar of the target application.

You can download the F-Script injection service here (for Mac OS X 10.6).


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Marketcircle, the maker of Daylite and Billings, is now an official sponsor of the F-Script project. Marketcircle is a big user of F-Script, which is integrated in Daylite and Billings and provides end-users with a lot of power and flexibility for advanced tasks such as creating sophisticated reports. Indeed, seeing how end-users directly make use of Smalltalk in the context of some of the most popular business applications on the Mac is quite nice.

By the way, if you are a Daylite or Billings user and are new to F-Script, there are a number of resources of should be aware of: